Latest Cognizant Placement Paper St Thomas Engineering college

Hi, friends It when Cognizant came to our college. It was a great experience. I am sharing my experience with u all.
there are four steps for cognizant for recruitment:-
1)PPT(about the company and the facilities and the package they are providing with a video.the presentation was quite interesting.After ppt they asked some questions from the ppt and also given some gifts.)
2)Aptitute Test
3)Interview(Technical and Hr all together)
Total Candidates Appeared for the Written Test: 197
Short Listed Candidates for Interview: 153
Shortlisted Candidates to become a part of COGNIZANT:71(big cut here.)
Written test consists of three sections
First Paper (Numerical) (25 questions-30min)
Second paper VERBAL SECTION (25 questions-20min)
Third Part (Logical) (20 questions-20 min)
Total 60 minutes, No Negative marks
The papers will be taken back after the allotted time for each section.
First the MeritTrac People will give you the Instruction Sheet and The OMR sheet. Please read the instructions carefully it will help you a lot. Then You will have to fill some information infact a lot.
Please remember all the Semester Percentages and have them calculated on a sheet of paper. Have your Resume and a Photograph with you they will be pinned to your OMR sheet. So take an EXTRA RESUME.
Questions in the OMR SHEET:
• Name:
• Temporary address :
• Permanent address :
• Phone no.
• Mobile no.
• Email id1 email id2
• Any arrears?
• Reason if any?
• Have you cleared all your papers in the first attempt?
• Software orientation: (I put C,Core JAVA & J2EE)
• Hobbies and extra curricular activities:
• Strengths and weakness:
(Please mention them with the reason following, this helped me reduce the interview time. They will cross check by asking you the same questions in Interview so be careful to answer the same one's when asked no new once added to that.)
• What do you expect from cognizant? (answer in 3-4 precise points)
• What is your short term and long term goals? (answer one in each)
• What are the qualities you think that is necessary for successful software professional?
(Just answer in 3 points and just tell them that you think you have them in you to be a successful Sofware Professional. Be good in your language and avoid mistakes)
So be prepared to answer above because they will give only 10 min. so prepare well before.
I prepared on it and it took me correctly10 min only. If u cannot answer it within 10 min they will give you answer sheets and you will have to spare you written test time. So be cautious and prepare for the last three as well and notable. Because they can ask questions In HR round from it.
But Time is an important factor here. make sure that u first solve those questions which u can solve easily. and for those u can not solve give option C, because for cognizant most of the questions they set the ans c.
I can not recollect all questions, but some are like,
There was actually 4 sets.A,B,C and D.mine was A.
There were 4 questions.but each one were lengthy.
Most of questions in my set were from Venn Diagram. like,
1)ayan, shyam and Tanay are friends. when we asked about them to 100 people,only 3 of them knew all of them. Only 7people knew ayan and shyam both,15people knew shyam and tanay.and 12people knew ayan and tanay.and 20people knew ayan,48 knew shyam and 39 knew tanay.20 were unknown to every one.25 did not know any one of them.
i)how many know ayan only?
ii) how many know tanay only?
iii) how many know none of them only?
Like these…
2)six books of maths,history,geography,economics,English and environmental science are arranged in a series.math is not on the top and bottom.history is in between economics and and English.geography is 3rd from top.economics is not in between English and history…like this..
Then some questions like…
i)which one is on the top?
ii)which one is 3rd from left?
There were no questions from cube..but I suggest you to prepare for that.
And remember the equations like to solve cube problems:-1)one side painted ((x-2)^2)*6 2)two side painted (x-2)*12 3)three side painted always 8 is ans(i.e. 8 corner of cube) 4)unpaintd ((x-2)^3) where x- side of cube


This section was bit tough and lengthy..i suggest u to start from select correct sentence/incorrect sentence or from fill in the blanks.because they r easy and takes little time to solve.

And then go for paragraph.there was two paragraph.they were lengthy.

Logical section

1)logic questions like
1)All Fans are Coolers
Some Coolers are AC's
2)No Politician is Honest
No honest person is intelligent
3)All fruits are vegetables
All vegetables are green
choose the conclusion from following…….

2)Some figure odd man out matching questions (10 questions).they were very easy..u can start the paper from it also.

Nonverbal from RS Agarwal will help you a lot.Some easy questions in picture based to look forward will be the figures which are closed and open figures.There will be only one Closed figure and other open and surely and ODD man Out.

3) One puzzles Question is also there. 3 Questions asked from this puzzle. (I don’t remember Questions)

After two hours the sortlist was declared by them . cleared the aptitude

There was no negative marking that’s why I answered all the questions. I saw my score at the time of interview. It was



Total = 37 out of 70


there was 15 panels and there were 10 students in each panel.i was 7 th in my panel.they took almost 2hrs to call my name.i was very tired then.but don’t show the interviewer you fatigue.Be confident and always have a smiling face. because it matters.

Me:may I come in sir?

INTERVIEWER:yes please.

Me:good evening sir.(it was almost evening when I was in the room)

INTERVIEWER:good evening.hv your sit.

Me:thank u sir.

INTERVIEWER:so why your marks are not so good in x th standard?

Me:(It was shocking for me.he even did not told me to introduce my self.because it is thecomm0oon question.)I answered.

INTERVIEWER:so you are a player.which game do you prefer.


INTERVIEWER:so tell me what is Denormalization?


INTERVIEWER:what is your final year project?

Me:sir,Hospital management information system.

INTERVIEWER:tell me the architecture of your project

Me:told(and also made him under stand.try your best to convence him.)

INTERVIEWER:why do you choose JSF,Hibernate and oracle for your project?


INTERVIEWER:what is the difference between jsf and jsp?


INTERVIEWER:Are you flexible?

Me:yes sir.

INTERVIEWER:if you are appointed as and programmer and then u are told to shift to testind department where you don’t hv any interest and knowledge how would you react?

Me:I wll take the challenge and will give my 100% to learn you can in my final year project I hv chosen the recent most technology,though there is no one to help I learn my self and trying to implement.(he was impressed by that ans) you have any questions for me?

Me:sir,that are the softwares that are used in cognizant?

INTERVIEWER:he explained and then said It was nice talking to you .

Me:same here.thank you very much sir.

Some important tips for cognizant,you must take care of:

1)never say cts infront of interviewer.they don’t prefer the word.always mention the name as Cognizant.

2)always hv the smiling face during interview but it should not look like artificial.

3)don’t show over confidence or lack of confidence during interview. Be what you are and be natural.

Take one thing into mind “Confidence is the key of success for every interview.”

After 3hours of waiting they published their list of selected candidates at 10.30pm.only 71 were selected from 197 students.I was one of them.

Hope to see u in of luck....


Thank you…